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Located south of Grande Terre, the main island of Mayotte, the Maoré Garden is bordered by the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel. The coral reef that surrounds the lagoon is one of the most famous in the world, it is home to an extraordinary fauna: you will meet sea turtles and multicolored fish, you will see whales and their young. On land, the secular baobabs are used as habitat for maki and fruit bats, pacific fruit bats. The Maoré Garden is nestled on the beautiful sandy beach of N’Gouja, 18 bungalows are distributed in its tropical park, close to the sea.

18 bungalows that can accommodate from 2 to 6 people are distributed in the tropical park of Maoré Garden.
In the shelter of the centenary baobabs, they are distributed in the vegetation and can not be seen from the beach.
15 bungalows are located on the main site side, after the restaurant’s Faré, either on the beach or on the garden side. 3 bungalows are located at the entrance of the site, next to the diving center.

2 Categories of accommodation are offered:
Superior bungalows combine comfort and authenticity. They are made with local materials (coconut braided, bamboo, stone). Carpentry and furniture are exotic wood (Movingui). They have a covered veranda, a large shower + 2 sinks, a separate toilet, a safe, a mini fridge, a hairdryer and a split system for air conditioning.
The standard bungalows, made with local and natural materials, are equipped with a covered veranda, shower, toilet, air conditioning and a safe.

All activities are part of a philosophy of ecological and responsible tourism: the discovery of nature, flora and fauna (makis, turtles, fruit bats) is done in respect of ecosystems. The Maoré Garden is involved in the actions of environmental preservation and you discover the best of Mayotte …

We organize nautical excursions, with equipment PMT (fins, mask, snorkel) in boat, supervised by an approved diving instructor. During these snorkeling trips, you will discover the splendid islands of white sand of the lagoon. It is not uncommon to meet dolphins or turtles, with whom you can swim freely.

These outings of approximately 3:30 am take place in the afternoon with a departure at 13:30 from the diving center. 3 circuits are offered:

The islet of white sand of Saziley: discovery of the South coast, stop PMT on the Aquarium, a splendid falling of Dapani. Lazing and swimming on the island of white sand, planter break at the end of the trip.
The waterfall of Soulou: beautiful curiosity of the West coast of the island, this waterfall of fresh water flows directly on the beach of Soulou. It offers the opportunity to take a reviving shower. During this trip, stop PMT on the reefs of the lagoon.
Encounter with marine mammals: beautiful walk along the barrier in search of marine mammals. You can meet dolphins all year round and in season, from August to October, whale watching. During these outings you can also have the opportunity, in season, to swim with the Manta rays.
Day trips Discovery of the coast, the lagoon, its inhabitants and islets.
Depending on the tides and the season, we offer 2 types of circuits:

south of the island: encounter with mammals on the reefs, tip of Saziley, stop PMT and discovery of islets.
in the North, on the road of M’Tsamboro and Choizil islets, along the barrier we can cross mammals. These outings are punctuated with snorkeling breaks.

Just enter the transparent water of the lagoon to, just a few meters from the edge, enjoy the unique pleasure of swimming with turtles. The beach is a nesting place for these wonderful animals, and the herbarium that slopes down gently serves as pasture. They are placid and let themselves rub shoulders without fear. The green and hawksbill turtles are numerous, you will discover them during your swim on the beach of the Maoré Garden.

Paddles and sea kayaks are available for rent at Jardin Maoré. You will be able to observe sea turtles that feed on the seagrass at high tide or high tide. The transparent water allows you to see the flora and fauna coral a few meters from the edge. There is no danger on the site, currents are weak to nonexistent. The use of a paddle or a kayak makes it possible to reach the drop off at low tide, without the risk of trampling the seagrass or of being injured on sea urchins. Walk along the coast and discover the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, the colorful corals and the fish along the drop offs.

Several appointments are given throughout the year to discover all the secrets of Mahoran beauty. Thus you will learn what is the Mzindzano, the beauty mask that women apply on their face, you can let yourself be tempted by a Henna tattoo, the flowers of jasmine will decorate your hairstyle and you can try the traditional outfit of Mayotte : the saliva. Through this workshop, you will learn how the woman, in the tradition still very anchored and respected in Mayotte, marries all these ingredients of beauty according to the occasions (weddings, religious songs, traditional dances …).

Rest your body and enjoy a massage in the privacy of your bungalow.
Made with organic essential oils, the massages offered at the Jardin Maoré help relieve muscular tension and rejuvenate the body. Their benefits are numerous: elimination of toxins, reduction of stress, sensation of lightness, improvement of the muscular, blood and lymphatic system …
Recover from your trip by plane, let go and put your vital energy back in circulation: book your massage today .

Integrated in the Maoré Garden, Le Maoré Lagoon diving center takes you to discover the southern lagoon of Mayotte. The beautiful spots offer very rich exploration dives: the coral gardens are full of multicolored fish and turtles. Our team of qualified instructors, all passionate about their profession, supervises the dive teams of divers of all levels …

In Mayotte, immerse yourself in happiness
Here the world is full of wonders: the century-old baobabs, the lemurs players or multicolored fish are your companions stay. In Mayotte, nature has preserved its authenticity and all its beauty, it will reveal its treasures to the Maoré Garden.

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