Mayotte is located at the entrance of the Mozambique Channel, in the Comoros archipelago. Several islands make up this French overseas department. The two main ones are Petite-Terre and Grande-Terre. The lagoon of Mayotte, vast of 1 100 km 2 , is protected by a double barrier of coral. The underwater biodiversity is very rich: green and interlaced turtles, whales and their calves, dolphins or dugongs cross in the warm waters of Mayotte. On land, the huge baobabs are home to colonies of fruit bats, fruit bats, and makis fascinating orange eyes.

There are other islands and spots nearby, which include famous Bambo and Chaozil. Like alternate islands of the Comoros, Mayotte is of volcanic birthplace. The landscape is mesmerizing and there are profound bayous lined with mangroves, rough capes, promontories and an isolate of sandy shorelines of all sizes and all shading, white sand to dark sand through the ‘ocher, dim, cocoa . For more than a million years; Mayotte was encompassed by a bordering reef, which then developed into a boundary reef, in addition to a variety of other things, the progressive sinking of the island.

What to do in Mayotte?

Mayotte is a paradise destination famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, the most famous are Mtsanga Tsoholé, Mtsamboro and N’gouja. There are also black sand beaches close to Bandrélé.

The lagoon offers the opportunity to discover desert islets and practice snorkeling over beautiful coral reefs. Some operators propose to observe the marine mammal such as dolphins, reef sharks, humpback whales (from July to the end of October), killer whales, sperm whales, manta rays and dugongs (very rare).

The mangroves (Aquatic Forests) cover a third of the coastline of Mayotte and contribute to the balance of biological systems between the littoral and the lagoon. There are endemic species of birds and crustaceans. For an unforgettable experience, nothing better than kayaking to sneak through the quirky branches of mangroves.

The Maki of Mayotte

At the Maoré Garden, the makis are your companions. These adorable lemurs live in colonies in the trees of the tropical garden of the Resort. The makis are easy to approach, they will come to examine you closely and can even try to steal food from you! Their little hands are similar to ours: they are provided with 5 ungulate fingers and fingerprints. Their soft fur and their eyes of a golden orange make adorable soft toys that you want to caress. Easy to approach, they will not leave you if you agree to give them a piece of fruit. However, we recommend that you do not feed them because it changes their eating habits and can affect their health.

South African Passport Holders need a CTOM visa for Mayotte which is applied for at the French Embassy – No visa required for Reunion Island



  • Return flights on Air Austral
  • Airport Taxes
  • Meet & Greet
  • All Return Airport / Hotel transfers for your first stay in Reunion and Mayotte
  • 1 Nights accommodation in St Denis ( Reunion) @ the Central Hotel with Breakfast
  • 5 Nights’ accommodation in Mayotte @O’LOLO or Sakouli or Jardin Maore in Std Rooms with breakfast daily
  • 3 Nights accommodation in Reunion @ Tropic Residence in a standard studio on a self catering basis – no meals
  • 3 days ( 3 x 24h ) of car group A, from/ to the airport in Reunion, airport tax included ( Driver must have a credit card for the holding deposit of EUR700 & an international license which is easily obtained from the AA)

(Valid for travel in Low season **FEB to SEP** – subject to availability, currency and airport tax fluctuations at the time of enquiry/booking. Peak season surcharges will apply )

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