A tent in a forest

My bubble in the middle of the countryside…

We had a most unusual night, in a lodge at Les Makes where the rooms are transparent bubbles. At 1,500m above sea level, it’s an ideal base to observe the southern sky, after a tasty dinner!

The afternoon is drawing to a close when get to Les Makes, a small village where the atmosphere differs from everything that we had seen in the previous few days on Reunion Island. Here, at 1,500 meters above sea level there are no palm trees or sugar cane, just a coniferous forest in the mist and the most unusual of lodges !

Kaz Insolite, as it’s called, is composed of four rooms in transparent bubbles, heated and ventilated and each connected to a bathroom and a small lounge. You can sleep there in the middle of the forest, under a star filled sky. But before experiencing this unusual night, our hosts invite us to go and eat.

Creole raclette
It’s cool at this altitude on southern winter evenings. Which makes us appreciate the menu on offer all the more: raclette, exclusively prepared with local products. Delicious cheese, top quality cold meats, subtly seasoned pickled vegetables as accompaniment: we enjoy one of the best raclettes of our life!

Once or twice per month, like today, Kaz Insolite organises astronomical observation evenings. In Les Makes, the altitude and lack of light pollution mean the conditions are perfect to discover the southern sky and its countless constellations. Bruno, the enthusiastic guide, joins us to introduce us to star gazing with the help of images from the Stellarium software, projected on a large screen: the sky above our heads appears there in full, to serve as a point of reference.

Dream night and magical daybreak
Time to put it into practice. Bursting with curiosity and impatience we gaze into a motorised telescope or high-powered binoculars available for our use. The stars seem to be within our reach. A thrilling leap into outer space

With our heads full of stars, we head back to our bubble. Nice and warm under the covers, we experience the unique sensation of sleeping under the stars, gazing at the Milky Way. When we wake up the beauty of the setting overwhelms us: the beautiful light, at daybreak, in the middle of the forest!
I was told that Reunion Island is full of surprises. After this night at Kaz Insolite I can confirm it!

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