The lunar like landscape of plains de sables

Reunion Island is a true natural paradise with amazing rainforests, hiking trails and of course hiking Beaches. But, you knew all this, didn’t you?

Here are a couple of things we know that you might not about this beautiful destination…

1. You can find the youngest beach on the planet

Tremblet is known primarily as the youngest beach on the entire planet. It appeared in 2007 after a volcanic eruption, when the lava from Piton de la Fournaise poured into the ocean. Oh, and it has black sand.

2. Reunion has delicious street food

You don’t need to head over to Thailand to enjoy some real street food. Our favourite Island has the most delicious ‘tarmac chicken’, a Creole spiced chicken braaied next to the road and served on a crispy baguette.

A baguette with grilled bouchons (pork dumplings) ,covered in cheese sauce is another favourite.

3. The ‘Miracle’ Church

In April 1977, Piton Sainte-Rose, a small town in Reunion was evacuated when the Piton de la Fournaise volcano erupted. Houses and the local police station were destroyed, but, miraculously, the local church was spared.

People saw this as divine intervention. The church was repaired and was named Notre Dame des Laves (Our Lady of the Lavas).

4. Rum & Beer

Rum is a favourite drink on Reunion Island, with a museum that chronicles the history of the drink and three distilleries all found in Saint-Pierre.  However, did you also know that Reunion has its own locally brewed beer, called Bourbon? Dubbed La Dodo by locals because the bottle features a logo with a Dodo on it.

It is produced in the island capital, Saint Denis.  Displayed in colourful wall paintings outside street corner cafés, in shop windows and on signposts all over the island is the creole slogan “La dodo lé la”, or ‘The dodo is here”


5. Reunion has 78 different species of birds

With 78 different species of birds, Reunion Island is a bird watchers paradise.

You can spot famous birds, such as the  Zebra Dove, White-tailed Tropicbird, Mascarene Swiftlet, or a Reunion Stonechat. The fascinating seabirds here can usually be viewed from shore via a telescope.

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